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Contact KP today to inquire about his screenplay “Love, Cognac, Truffles”©.

from “Love, Cognac, Truffles” grandparents were poor.  They did their best to feed and nourish their families.  If the kids were full and they could all sit at the table together, they were happy.  Any food was a blessing.  They couldn’t afford to consider taste.  My dad’s mom in particular was no grand chef, but she always made bread.  Even with bad arthritis, she managed to grit her teeth through kneading dough.  I often think of her hands at work—the ingredients, the effort, all those mouths to feed.  So much love and circumstance behind that act of her making bread.  Some people go to college or take a certain job for their families, for the ones who couldn’t before them.  I eat for mine.

Want to add variety to your act?  Need lyrics for a song?  Do you have music that begs to accompany a poem?  KP relishes the chance to work with musicians, and his guitar would be grateful if his attempts to be like Bruce Springsteen took on new life.  He’s joined the likes of Marian Call onstage, and written the lyrics to the song “Journey’s End” on the album Cool Blue Light by Tom Begich.  He’s always on time for rehearsal!

All poems and no play makes KP a dull boy

All poems and no play makes KP a dull boy

Naysayers be damned!  Turns out a minor in Art History proved useful after all.  Collaborating with painter Dennis Lind has sparked some of KP’s most surprising, rewarding, and daring work.  KP invites other visual/literary partnerships.  Dueling brush and pen anyone?


by Dennis Lind

from “Reclaim”

by KP Liles

I hear my pulse.  The blood throb music.

Not with or without objective.  It is provocation--joy, curse, charge--

this radical

sound of weighing.

KP loves unexpected projects, and years of waiting tables keeps him mindful of public service.  Anyone can commission a poem.  KP welcomes commissions of all kinds.  Contact him at


Here are just a few of the other ways KP enjoys to work.